Mass Timber at Mass Scale

Canada is facing a housing crisis. To meet rising demand and support the 1-in-5 Canadians unable to find affordable housing, we need to construct nearly 6 million units by 2030.

This is a lofty but attainable goal if industry, governments, and the public can come together to support the innovative building solutions that will not only help us build more homes quickly, but align with our climate goals. And those solutions? They can be found in our forests.

In season two of the Canadian Forestry Can Save the World podcast, Nick Milestone, director of project execution, discusses how hybrid construction using mass timber and other materials like concrete and steel are revolutionizing the industry.

“Mass timber is getting into all applications and building types – office, residential, and warehousing,” explains Nick. “A lot of stakeholders and architects are now looking at how they can get mass timber into the equation.”

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The construction industry has been historically slow to embrace change. While other sectors welcome emerging innovation with open arms, construction continues to cling to its ‘tried-and-true’ methods.
The U.S. is turning to mass timber to create affordable living spaces for city communities. Find out what makes it the perfect candidate for construction.

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