Moving toward a cleaner, sustainable future

Our vision is to accelerate the use of mass timber in construction to deliver sustainable, net-zero-emission building solutions to improve the environment on a global scale.

Green City

Our Vision

Creating healthier, more equitable cities

Affordable housing is a much-needed resource in our cities, and we are committed to making our products accessible for all. Because mass timber acts as both structure and finish, good design won’t get cut with the budget.

Our Values

The work we do is rooted in our values of equality, innovation, and integrity

We believe that everyone has the right to live in safe, healthy, and thriving communities and are committed to making mass timber accessible and affordable.

By harnessing the latest technology, we are spurring policy reform and creating a healthier planet and more resilient communities.

To build a better world, we must hold ourselves and others accountable. We do what we say we will do, and uphold the highest standards of integrity within our team.


We are innovators, researchers, and changemakers

Meet the team driving organizational change and growth.

Brian Merwin, MBA

Brian develops and leads Mercer International’s mass timber strategic focus, including oversight and growth.

With over 17 years of industry experience, including M&A, corporate development, strategy, capital projects, innovation, and business integration, Brian currently serves as Director of Cariboo Pulp & Paper Company and as Chairman of Performance BioFilaments Inc.

Nick Milestone, MSc

Nick is responsible for growing MMT’s project integration model, bringing innovative, high-quality solutions to clients on schedule and on budget. Nick serves as a key strategic partner on all project engagements, guiding design, materials, process, and operational decisions.

Nick has overseen the design and construction of over 550 steel and mass timber structures during his 36+ years in construction. He is currently Vice-Chair and Director of Timber Development UK (formerly TRADA, the Timber Research and Development Association).

Jason Herman

As general manager and director of manufacturing for Mercer Spokane and Mercer Conway, Jason oversees daily operations, ensuring the production process runs efficiently and effectively, and that MMT products are of the highest quality.

Jason has served in the timber products industry for 27 years, bringing experience with Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Remanufacturing, Sawmill, Planer, Plywood and CLT. He has honed his knowledge through prior involvement with Plum Creek, Smartlam, Vaagen Timbers, Katerra, and Mercer International.

Brent Olson, PhD, Civil Engineering

Brent is a technical leader at MMT’s factory and is responsible for the production and testing of products. In his role, he leverages 25+ years of experience, which spans material production, quality control, product/process development, materials research, and product certification in the forest products and building component industries. 

Brent’s extensive work in building products includes his experience in laminated veneer lumber production at Willamette Industries, adhesive formulation and technical support with Borden Chemical, materials research and R&D management in fenestration and doors with JELD-WEN, and bio-based composite research, both academic and industrial, at Washington State University.

Robert Higdem, MBA

Robert develops and implements policies, procedures, and programs that minimize risks and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and environmental laws. Additionally, he collaborates with other departments and stakeholders to integrate HSE considerations into decision-making processes and operations.

With a career spanning more than 28 years as an HSE professional, Robert’s focus has been on the protection of workers and the environment. Robert is a proud veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. 

Meet our team of timber, manufacturing, and construction experts responsible for product design and testing.

Todd Beyreuther, PE

With a combined background in architecture and engineering, Todd brings a unique perspective that informs his creative and collaborative approach. In his role, he promotes MMT’s core design values through his ability to integrate functional and technical program requirements into elegant design solutions. In addition, he has extensive experience working with large stakeholder groups on complex projects.

Todd has 23+ years of experience in structural engineering practice, academic research, and mass timber product development. He is currently an Adjunct Research Professor at WSU Composite Materials and Engineering Center.

Michael Wright, PE, SE

At MMT, Mike manages and oversees the development of new products while enhancing existing offerings.

Mike brings 40+ years of structural engineering experience in building design.  His resume includes design and technical consulting for residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Mike also teaches at Seattle University, focusing on structural engineering for buildings.

Our team of technical experts from diverse disciplines work together to provide unparalleled services at every stage of design and construction.

Ricardo Brites, PhD, Eng

Ricardo provides technical guidance, support, and project management working across teams, from design to manufacturing and construction, to achieve success for our mass timber products across all projects.

With over 10 years of experience designing and engineering mass timber structures globally, primarily in Europe and North America, Ricardo has been involved with over 150 mass timber projects, including projects with Lend Lease, Mace, and Berkeley Homes, UK.

Johan Reissmuller, MEng

Johan is a Structural Engineer and Project Manager who advocates for sustainability in the AEC industry. He thrives at the intersection of architecture and structural design, with a passion for biophilic design and proficiency in computational and performance-driven design. With 10 years of experience in engineering and design studios across Sweden, Finland, and Vancouver, Johan’s work is deeply collaborative, and he excels at developing processes that lead to a well-articulated shared vision.

Johan has contributed to one of the largest timber projects in Asia and has worked on mass timber projects with renowned clients throughout North America and Europe. His previous timber experience spans a wide range of projects, including modular tiny houses, single-family homes, footbridges, spiral stairs, museums, glazed roofs, and mass timber office buildings.

At MMT, Johan’s meticulous attention to detail on complex projects ensures technical competency and enables the team to deliver projects in alignment with clients’ intentions. His tech-savviness, focus on detail, and timber fabrication experience help the team efficiently cater to clients’ needs.

Katherine Setterlund, PEng, MEng

Katherine provides technical leadership and expertise in the design and construction of complex mass timber structures for MMT.

Katherine brings 7+ years of experience as lead design engineer performing structural analysis and design of concrete, steel, light frame, and mass timber structures complying with Canadian and European codes. Project highlights include: Alliance Française Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC; Lax Kw’alaams Residential, Prince Rupert, BC; Terralux Winery, West Kelowna, BC.

Alireza Shirazi, PEng

Alireza has over 8 years of experience working on structural analysis and design of a variety of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional building projects. Known for his attention to detail and exceptional problem-solving skills, Alireza works in close collaboration with architects, contractors, and other engineers to ensure project objectives are achieved.

At MMT, Alireza’s focus is on delivering innovative, safe, and cost-effective solutions while ensuring compliance with industry codes and standards.

Kalliopi Florides, CEng, MEng

With a decade-long engineering career focused on the design and delivery of large-scale, high-profile projects, Kalli has amassed a wealth of experience across various construction typologies. These include large retail malls with steel composite construction, residential reinforced concrete towers, and timber office buildings. She has participated in notable projects across the UK, USA, and Canada, such as Google’s European Headquarters and Piccadilly Circus in London, Walmart Headquarters in Arkansas, and Grosvenor’s Brentwood Redevelopment in Burnaby.

Possessing a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of project execution, Kalli excels in structural analysis, complex 3D and structural modeling, Revit, and finite element analysis for vibration and dynamic impact assessments.

At MMT, Kalli leads the business development efforts, playing a crucial role in driving growth and generating new business opportunities for the company. In addition, she works closely with clients, architects, and contractors to ensure smooth project execution.

Ryan Cable

As a link between design teams and mass timber manufacturing, Ryan’s focus at MMT is on mass timber connection design, 3D modeling, shop drawing creation, and managing construction documentation in Canada and the U.S.

Ryan has spent 10+ years in the role of project designer, gaining a breadth of experience using the latest BIM software on mixed-use commercial and residential projects.

Tony Kim

Tony has 9+ years of experience in structural engineering as an expert in 3D modeling and BIM coordination. His portfolio includes building typologies within institutional, multi-family residential, mixed-use, commercial, and educational sectors, as well as new builds, renovations, retrofits, and seismic upgrades.

As a critical liaison between design teams and mass timber manufacturing, Tony specializes in mass timber connection design, 3D modeling, and the creation of shop drawings at MMT. He also manages construction documentation across both Canada and the United States.

He has worked with numerous large teams on iconic projects including Vancouver House, PARQ Vancouver, and Starbucks Abbotsford, which used a first-of-it’s-kind sustainable building construction technology, Nexii.

Our highly skilled, solution-driven mass timber installation team serves as a testament to the rigorous standards and building excellence implemented.

Jason Church

Jason is a seasoned manager with an impressive 33-year background in construction operations. Over the past 7 years, he has been instrumental in promoting the adoption of mass timber within the North American market. 

As a key leader in our organization, Jason oversees construction operations for all mass timber ventures, while also leading supervision for complex MMT installation projects. His commitment to safety is unparalleled, shaping MMT’s safety ethos by driving training initiatives and collaborating closely with MMT’s respected safety team. With a vast wealth of experience, Jason strategically contributes to every aspect of MMT projects. 

He meticulously manages preplanning, coordinating every aspect of construction with a steadfast commitment to excellence. Through his forward-thinking leadership, Jason continually enhances our organization’s position in the mass timber construction sector.

Nate Foster

With over a decade of experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, Nate is an accomplished expert in mass timber. For the past seven years, he has been dedicated to advancing the use of mass timber in the North American market, and has contributed his expertise to over 30 projects spanning eight states

With his deep knowledge of onsite construction management practices, Nate plays a critical role at Mercer Mass Timber, where he facilitates the seamless transition of projects from the design and manufacturing stages to successful completion in the field. His dedication to efficiency and commitment to quality have earned him a reputation as a trusted and respected leader in his field.

Sydney Schumacker

Sydney’s passion for building with wood began at trade school, where she developed a deep understanding of the craft of carpentry and the unique benefits of mass timber construction.

Over the past five years, Sydney has worked on more than 10 mass timber projects across the United States, gaining valuable experience both as an on-site carpenter and as a project engineer based at the job site. Sydney’s experience working in both roles gives her a unique perspective on the construction process, from the hands-on work of building with wood to the larger-scale project management and planning necessary for successful execution.

As a mass timber professional, Sydney is committed to the use of sustainable materials and techniques, and takes pride in creating beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly buildings. At MMT, Sydney plays a vital role in ensuring the successful execution of projects, serving as a crucial link between the design team, construction crew, and project stakeholders.

Operations at our world-class factory are overseen by individuals who make our streamlined process possible.

Colin Livingston, CPA

With 10 years of finance, accounting, and auditing experience in the manufacturing and construction industries, Colin oversees MMT’s financial operations to ensure financial policies and procedures are in compliance and to provide strategic financial forecasting to drive business growth.

Colin previously was the controller for Katerra Mass Timber, beginning with construction of the factory and participating in the startup of the mass timber unit.

Matt Prunier

Matt is responsible for ensuring the highest quality standards across all facets of MMT’s products through implementing stringent protocols and procedures.

Prior to MMT, Matt served in the United States Air Force, working on F-16 and U-2 aircraft. He has spent more than 25 years cultivating expertise in developing and implementing robust quality control systems,

Dean Perry

With a lifelong passion for the outdoors inspired by hiking and cutting firewood with his grandfather, Dean has dedicated 40 years to the timber industry. Throughout his career, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field.

Dean’s journey began with a 35-year tenure at Plum Creek Timber, a plywood company, where he started by pulling the “green chain” before eventually moving up to a management role. In 2018, he joined Katerra and played a pivotal part in breaking ground, overseeing the integration of people, machinery, and processes. Following the factory’s acquisition in 2021, Dean was instrumental in launching Mercer Mass Timber.

As a production manager at MMT, Dean oversees the entire production process, which includes setting targets, managing personnel, ensuring quality control, and managing inventory. His steadfast commitment to efficient operations, high-quality output, and a safe and sustainable working environment contributes significantly to the company’s success.

The driving force moving MMT forward and connecting us to our customers in meaningful ways.

Shel Tejamo

Shel oversees marketing and communication initiatives for MMT, collaborating across business units to develop strategies that foster engagement among people, products, and projects.

A Katerra alum, Shel spearheaded sales enablement for the mass timber division, developing programs, campaigns, and creatives that effectively communicated the company’s value proposition to clients. She has over 15 years of experience in the AEC industry leading proposal pursuits and business development efforts. Notable project wins include Apple Park in Cupertino, CA; Google One Market in San Francisco, CA; and Google Bay View in Mountain View, CA.


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