Mass timber building solutions

Our team of industry-leading experts can support your next project with early design engagement, material sourcing, manufacturing precision, logistics coordination, assembly and installation.

Core services

Our commitment to quality at each phase in the value chain includes strategic sourcing of lamstock; onsite scanning, sorting, kilning, and pressing; and computerized numerical control (CNC) cutting and finishing technology. Our in-house logistics experts examine each job to consider delivery windows, modes of transport, carbon footprint, costs, and more.

Our factories optimize core advanced manufacturing processes to develop the highest quality timber panels at competitive pricing.

Our standardized high-performance mass timber building components and assemblies improve design flexibility and optimize cost while maintaining aesthetics. We employ robust technology systems and high-volume fabrication, using parametric design as a framework to achieve quality, speed, and competitive pricing.

Mercer Mass Timber is dedicated to collaborative project delivery. We use Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to help guide safe, cost-effective, on-time project delivery. As an integrated product-to-project company, we’re available to source, design, manufacture, and construct tailor-made building solutions with nearly 100% predictability.

Our mass timber components can be integrated with timber frame, structural steel, and cold-formed steel at the jobsite to create hybrid structural solutions to meet your needs.

From Products to Projects

An integrated design process

MMT offers a unique value proposition: a fully integrated design and engineering partner with robust technology systems and large-scale buying power.

  • Phase 01


    Digital markers surface essential details on type, size, location, and properties of individual material components. Level of Detail  |  Timber Elements  |  Defining Connections
  • Phase 02


    Digital blueprint defines length, width, and thickness of Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT) post and beam systems. Structural Loads  |  Flexibility  |  Aesthetic Attributes
  • Phase 03


    Two-dimensional representation of the cross-laminated timber (CLT) panel defines strength and stiffness, acoustic performance, and fire resistance properties. Simplified Visualization  |  Performance Attributes
  • Phase 04


    Three-dimensional representation of panels and beams illustrates length, width, and thickness.
    Common Data Environment  |  Detailed Design 

  • Phase 05


    Activities sequenced to reduce errors and increase efficiency with on-site delivery and assembly.
    Virtual Construction  |  Prefabrication  |  Project Phasing

  • Phase 06


    Model overlaid with transparent, accurate and predictive cost data.
    Quantity Takeoff  |   Fabrication Models  |  Logistics

    Design to fabrication

    At our factories, we use technology to translate your design into digital instructions for our machines. Our cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels are cut using state-of-the-art five-axis CNC gantry machines, resulting in high-quality components ready for shipping and installation.

    By leveraging available advanced technology, we create efficiencies at each stage of the process, from sourcing materials to building.

    Applying design best practices creates a streamlined experience that cuts down on waste, reduces costs, and accelerates the building process.

    Prefabrication in a controlled factory environment allows an unprecedented level of precision and predictability in the construction process.

    Unbeatable production speed, efficiency, and quality

    The Postmark in Seattle, WA.

    An endless library of
    layups and options

    Mercer Mass Timber factory stacked with CLT products.

    In addition to turnkey solutions, Mercer Mass Timber supplies complete, detailed panels and assemblies to meet any design specification.

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