Advancing timber innovation for a better tomorrow.

Mass timber for high-performance, low-carbon buildings

Mercer Mass Timber is the premier provider of timber building solutions in North America.

MMT is a part of Mercer International, a global leader in renewable bio-based products.  

MMT’s production capacity and service capabilities are unmatched.

Our 270,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is outfitted with the most advanced, sophisticated technology used at every step of the process to improve efficiency, transparency, and performance. We have invested the time and resources in the tools, equipment, and processes necessary to consistently deliver best-in-class mass timber products.

By taking a technology-first approach, heavily investing in R&D, and continually innovating at each step of the value chain, our portfolio of mass timber products will continue to raise the standard of quality.

We’re developing a portfolio of next-generation mass timber products, assemblies, and full-scale modular systems that will expand the horizons of what mass timber can do.

We use Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) as a framework to facilitate an integrated partnership that ensures high quality, speed, and competitive cost thanks to our robust technology systems and high-volume fabrication.

By designing for manufacturing and assembly and utilizing Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and BIM processes, we are able to maximize built time and reduce costs, while maintaining flexibility to configure the final product for a wide range of design expressions.

Innovation in wood

MMT is advancing wood technology in a way that allows for exciting new building systems that are transforming the construction industry. We offer timber products in a variety of specifications for any building need.

Advanced manufacturing, world-class capabilities

Since its acquisition in 2021, the MMT factory has optimized its fabrication technologies and expanded its product catalog to supply for a wide range of design expressions and building types. Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, the Spokane Valley facility, when at full operation, is one of the most sophisticated and largest-producing CLT plant by volume in North America.

140,000 m3

Annual production of CLT and GLT

13,000,000 ft2

Annual 5-ply CLT production capacity

Up to 140/min

Number of boards processed per minute


Number of 12 ft x 60 ft master panels produced per month

An impressive library of layups and options to meet the needs of any project.

Sustainability and Stewardship

The MMT factory has earned chain of custody from two of the leading certification agencies that promote sustainable and responsible forest management:

MMT CLT panels offer maximum dimensions of 12 ft (3.66m) wide by 60 ft (18.28m) long and a range of thicknesses from 3.24 in (82.5mm) to 12.40 (315mm) in 3-, 5-, 7-, and 9-ply layups in architectural and industrial appearance grades.

Available in Spruce-PineFir or Douglas Fir-Larch species combination. Our CLT is certified to ANSI/APA PRG 320- 2019 by PFS TECO.

MMT glulam panels offer maximum dimensions of 12 ft (3.66m) wide by 60 ft (18.28m) long and a range of thicknesses from 3.54 in (90 mm) to 12.40 (315mm) in 2 through 9-ply layups.

Available in Douglas Fir-Larch species combination. Our GLT is certified to ANSI A190.1-2022 by PLIB.

MMT LLFJ are available in a variety of species, grades, and sizes for both general and specific end uses. Our finger-jointed lumber is certified to WWPA standards.

Technical specifications & resources

Our engineered wood products are manufactured from high-quality wood sourced from sustainably-managed forests. Learn more about the technical specifications of our CLT and GLT, including panel layups, fire and acoustic performance, and environmental certifications.

From forest to frame, we collaborate with you every step of the way.

MMT is an integrated product-to-project company: we source, design, manufacture, and build. We approach every project, at every phase, with the breadth and depth of technical expertise that allows us to design tailor-made building solutions with nearly 100% predictability.


We’re committed to creating more equitable and sustainable communities through timber innovation.

We are passionate builders, academics, and technologists working together to build a better future. By using our respective fields of expertise to reimagine how we build, we’re able to develop real solutions that can drastically reduce the carbon footprint of construction and address some of the environmental and social challenges facing our world.

Partner with us to reach your sustainable building goals.

Learn more about MMT’s extensive mass timber capabilities, and how we can best support your next project as either an integrated technical partner or mass timber material supplier.

Mercer Mass Timber is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercer International, a global provider of renewable materials and energy. Mercer International with operations in Germany, Canada, United States and Australia is one of the world largest market pulp producers and is a growing leader in the wood products space.


General Inquiries

509 606 0767

Factory Address

19202 E Garland Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99027

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