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Mercer Mass Timber
is a subsidiary of
Mercer International

Mercer Mass Timber (MMT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercer International, a global provider of renewable materials and energy. With operations in Germany, Canada, the United States and Australia, Mercer International is one of the world’s largest market pulp producers and a growing leader in the wood products space. A publicly traded company, Mercer International is listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol “MERC.”

01 Factories

Advanced manufacturing, world-class capabilities

02 product

Innovation in wood

MMT is advancing wood technology to transform the construction industry in North America. We offer custom solutions and standard cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glue-laminated timber (GLT) products for your building needs.


Lighter and stronger than concrete and steel, mass timber stands up to fire and earthquakes.


Prefabrication and easy on-site assembly make for faster construction.


Sustainably sourced timber sequesters carbon, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Decreased structural loads translate into lower foundation costs and smaller building crews.

03 Building Solutions

Engineered wood solutions benefit everyone

Our fully renewable building products are responsibly sourced, offering a range of benefits to end users.

The efficiency and accuracy of manufactured materials production, coupled with reduced on-site labor means faster build times, reduced labor-hours, greater risk control, and increased cost assurance. Additionally, the superior aesthetics and operational efficiencies of mass timber buildings present unique opportunities for design differentiation, high occupancy demand, and long-term asset value growth.

Mass timber’s inherent structural, aesthetic, and biophilic characteristics offer unique design possibilities that blend form, function, user experience, and sustainability. 

As a prefabricated material, mass timber moves labor upstream and offsite, speeding site build times, improving safety, and mitigating many of the risks associated with traditional construction sites. 

Mass timber, with its biophilic properties like natural textures, warm colors, and a connection to nature, fosters environments that enhance the well-being, productivity, and deep sense of connection with the natural world, while also providing benefits such as enhanced thermal comfort, improved acoustics, and comforting warmth derived from its natural aesthetic.

Mass timber buildings are at the forefront of healthy and dynamic communities, providing physiological and psychological benefits to the people who live and work in them, and reducing the environmental impact of construction.

04 Resources

Meet code,
exceed expectations

05 Projects

Creating healthy,
vibrant communities

06 People

We are innovators, researchers,
and changemakers

The MMT team comprises construction experts, structural engineers, architects, and academics dedicated to creating more equitable and sustainable communities through mass timber innovation.

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