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Mass Timber Construction Worker
Discover the future of construction with our comprehensive guide to mass timber. Learn about the benefits, design and engineering impacts, construction and manufacturing techniques, and sustainable attributes of mass timber.
Wood-Based Biophilic Design and Emerging Economic Opportunities In the Built Environment


Learn more about the technical specifications of our CLT and GLT, including panel layups, fire and acoustic performance, and environmental certifications.


Find contact info as well as answers to frequently asked questions about Mercer Mass Timber below.

Mercer Mass Timber is an advanced manufacturing company that uses the latest technology to improve how we develop wood engineered products to design and construct buildings. Our factories leverage automation and manufacturing innovation from across industries to optimize production speed, efficiency, and quality, while remaining a low-cost provider of climate-friendly building solutions.

Our manufacturing facilities in Washington State, Arkansas, and British Columbia feature the largest CLT presses currently in operation worldwide. This gives us the ability to dramatically scale the production of mass timber in North America and help drive industry-wide growth. At full operation, our factories are the largest producers of mass timber by volume in the region.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Spokane Valley, WA, constructed in 2019, was acquired by us in August 2021. In 2023, Mercer acquired the assets of Structurlam along with its subsidiaries, which include production facilities located in Conway, Arkansas, and Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.

Mercer Mass Timber offers our clients three strategic levers:

  1. MMT Project Services: Design-assist solutions for custom projects
  2. MMT Components & Assemblies: Pre-designed library of high-performance mass timber building components and assemblies
  3. MMT Manufacturing: Product portfolio of cross-laminated timber floor systems and wall panels, glulam structural beams, and long-length finger joints

Our production capacity is a significant differentiator. As the largest mass timber manufacturer in North America, MMT represents approximately 45% of North American structural CLT capacity. Another differentiator is how we build. We fabricate panels and components inside our factories, increasing cost and schedule savings for clients. Finally, we optimize the process from end to end, using technology to modernize solutions wherever possible.

Mercer Mass Timber operates from seven locations and maintains offices on two continents. Under the MMT Manufacturing umbrella, we have three factories: two in the United States, located in Conway, Arkansas, and Spokane Valley, Washington, and one in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. MMT Project Services is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In addition, MMT also has access to and support from its large sister company operations located in Germany.

Mercer Mass Timber is wholly owned by Mercer International, a U.S. publically traded company that trades on the NASAQ under the symbol “MERC”.