Mass timber products

The structural, aesthetic, and biophilic properties of wood are limitless. Whether as a load-bearing element or interior finish, wood enhances the well-being of the people who use them.


Quality & Innovation

Made from sustainably sourced wood and engineered to exceed industry standards, our focus on innovation integrates the latest technologies, resulting in mass timber that offers enhanced fire resistance, improved acoustic properties, and greater architectural versatility.

Design Flexibility

Mass timber provides a unique, natural aesthetic and versatile design options for modern architecture. With MMT’s extensive product portfolio, we support complex designs and foster innovative, creative architectural solutions.


Our product line is cost-competitive with other building material options, particularly when integrated with MMT mass timber design best practices. Cost savings are driven by efficiency in materials production and by a reduction in logistics and labor-hours required during installation, making it particularly cost competitive in markets with high labor rates.

Layups and Options


CLT Grades

1.4V 875 = V2, 1.4V 750 ≥ V3, 1.8M ≥ E1


from 3.24 in (82.5mm) to 12.40 in (315mm)

Layup Options

3-, 5-, 7-, and 9-ply


Maximum dimensions of 12 ft (3.66m) wide by 60 ft (18.28m) long

Species Groups

Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF), Douglas Fir-Larch (DF-L), or Southern Yellow Pine (SYP).


Our CLT is certified to ANSI/APA PRG 320- 2019 by PFS TECO

Visual Grade

Architectural Appearance (AA) surface classification for a highly finished look and Industrial Appearance (IA) for more rustic applications


Manufactured GLT

CLT Grades

24F-V8, 20F-V7, 16F-V6 (DF)


< 12” depth

Species Groups

Douglas-Fir (DF)

Visual Grade

Industrial Appearance (IA) for light framing applications

Fabricated GLT

CLT Grades

24F, 20F, 16F (DF, SPF, HF, SYP)


> 12” depth

Species Groups

Douglas-fir (DF), Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF), Hem Fir (HF), or Southern Yellow Pine (SYP)

Visual Grade

Architectural Appearance (AA) for heavy timber applications

Our GLT is certified to ANSI A190.1-2022 by PLIB


MMT LLFJ products are available in a variety of species, grades, and sizes.

Our finger-jointed lumber is certified to WWPA standards.

Build Systems

MMT’s library of standardized components and assemblies can be combined to quickly explore options, enabling next-level design efficiency. With advanced software and end-to-end services, MMT streamlines the building process, reduces waste, and ensures consistency and design accuracy, offering a one-stop-shop for mass timber building solutions.
Heavy timber frame with primary glulam girders, secondary glulam purlins, and CLT one-way floor panels (Type III-A, V-A, or IV-HT).

Heavy timber frame with flat glulam beams supported by massive 2-hr or 3-hr Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) columns with thick CLT one-way floor panels (Type IV-A/B/C).

CLT bearing walls with CLT one-way floor panels.

Heavy timber frame with glulam beams and columns and CLT one-way floor panels. Framed infill walls in LWF (Types V, III) or CFS (Type IV).

Steel frame with primary steel beams and columns and CLT one-way floor panels. Framed infill walls in LWF or CFS (Types V-B, III-B).

CFS (cold formed steel) and LFW (light framed wood) bearing and shear walls with CLT one-way floor panels.

Heavy timber columns with CLT two-way floor panels. Framed infill walls in LWF or CFS (Types V-B, III-B type).


Product specifications

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Source materials

We source our lumber from forests that are vetted for their sustainability practices, tight grain structure, integrity, and quality.

Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF)

SPF is a versatile softwood lumber with high strength-to-weight ratio, stability, and ease of workability. We source SPF primarily from certified forests in western Canada and from the Rocky Mountains, Pacific Northwest, and Great Lakes regions in the United States.

Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF)
Spruce Pine Tree Drawing

Douglas Fir-Larch (DF-L)

DF-L is valued for its strength and natural resistance to decay and moisture. It is preferred in applications where higher weight and density are needed. We source DF-L primarily from the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, and the interior of British Columbia.

Douglas Fir-Larch (DFL)
Douglas Fir Larch Tree Drawing

Southern Yellow Pine (SYP)

SYP is grown primarily in the southern United States and is known for its high strength and stiffness, natural resistance to decay and insects, and warm natural appearance.

Southern Yellow Pine (SYP)
Southern Yellow Pine Tree Drawing

Sustainability and Stewardship

Our factories have earned chain of custody certification from three of the leading agencies that promote sustainable and responsible forest management.

MMT offers certified products that will help you earn LEED® green building program credits.

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Logo

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship Council®

Sustainable Forestry Initiative®

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How is mass timber made?

At MMT, we form our products by gluing and pressing wood into massive building components. Mass timber can also be made using nails (nail-laminated timber) or dowels (dowel-laminated timber) to join lamstock.

Design capabilities with mass timber

From exposed wood columns to sweeping, curvilinear roofs, the expressive potential of mass timber is boundless.

Discover the future of construction with our comprehensive guide to mass timber. Learn about the benefits, design and engineering impacts, construction and manufacturing techniques, and sustainable attributes of mass timber.

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