Mass-timber Garnering Mass Appeal

This strong, aesthetically pleasing, low-carbon alternative to concrete and steel is growing by leaps and bounds, and not just in height.

by Larry Adams, Woodworking Network

Mass timber has many attractive qualities. It is strong and stable; fire resistant and holds up to seismic activity. It is lightweight, and structures can be built fast with less labor. It is all of those things, and it can also be beautiful to behold and draw upon the biophilic tendencies of humans to seek out connections with nature.

And with the dramatic growth in mass timber, woodworkers need to pay attention to potential opportunities.

Emanating from Europe, the mass timber construction movement is growing as a low-carbon alternative to energy-intensive materials such as steel and concrete. It can lower greenhouse gas emissions and sequester more carbon than it releases during its life cycle. (For a carbon calculator, visit bit.ly/446frfK.)

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The construction industry has been historically slow to embrace change. While other sectors welcome emerging innovation with open arms, construction continues to cling to its ‘tried-and-true’ methods.
The U.S. is turning to mass timber to create affordable living spaces for city communities. Find out what makes it the perfect candidate for construction.

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