Johan Reissmuller

Johan Reissmuller, MEng

Sr. Mass Timber Engineer

Johan is a structural engineer and project manager who advocates for sustainability in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. He thrives at the intersection of architecture and structural design, with a passion for biophilic design and proficiency in computational and performance-driven design. With 10 years of experience in engineering and design studios across Sweden, Finland and Vancouver, Johan’s work is deeply collaborative, and he excels at developing processes that lead to a well-articulated shared vision.

Johan has contributed to one of the largest timber projects in Asia and has worked on mass timber projects with renowned clients throughout North America and Europe. His previous timber experience spans a wide range of projects, including modular tiny houses, single-family homes, footbridges, spiral stairs, museums, glazed roofs and mass timber office buildings.

At MMT, Johan’s meticulous attention to detail on complex projects ensures technical competency and enables the team to deliver projects in alignment with clients’ intentions. His tech-savviness, focus on detail and timber fabrication experience help the team efficiently cater to clients’ needs.

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