The construction industry has been historically slow to embrace change. While other sectors welcome emerging innovation with open arms, construction continues to cling to its ‘tried-and-true’ methods.
The U.S. is turning to mass timber to create affordable living spaces for city communities. Find out what makes it the perfect candidate for construction.
At a roundtable discussion at the International Mass Timber Conference at the Oregon Convention Center last week, panelists sought to inform building industry professionals unfamiliar with mass timber of possible obstacles to project success and how they can be addressed.
Is mass timber the sustainable construction material the industry’s been searching for? Uncover the vast array of benefits mass timber has to offer.
Division offers guidance on installation phase
The Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design, in partnership with the USDA Forest Service Wood Innovations Program, hosted "With the Grain / Against the Grain," a workshop on mass timber for affordable housing, March 13-14 on the U of A campus.
Mercer Mass Timber doesn’t intend to compete with large general contractors, but instead wants to offer an option for first-time users of the alternative building method.
Aimed at young families, couples, and individuals who no longer want to live in urban centers but aren’t ready to commit to a single-family home, so-called middle housing is in acutely short supply.
Canada is facing a housing crisis. To meet rising demand and support the 1-in-5 Canadians unable to find affordable housing, we need to construct nearly 6 million units by 2030.
Millions of square feet sit vacant while millions of Americans struggle to find affordable housing. Can reimagining our empty skyscrapers be the key to unlocking both solutions?
The Canadian construction industry is typically a late adopter of change, particularly new technology. This trend can prevent construction contractors from offering customers new approaches to construction that are advantageous for both parties. New technology is simply becoming a must for contractors, especially in the project bid process.
The Pacific Northwest is taking the lead in tackling the national affordable housing crisis — and their recent legislation offers a roadmap for other struggling regions.
Bradley Hartmann and Nick Milestone discuss Nick's transition from steel to mass timber construction and an openness to exploring new avenues in construction.
Mass timber starts with some of the smallest trees in our local forests, which are bonded together to create massive wood panels that go together like LEGO.
Many carriers are overcautious when it comes to mass timber construction, leaving insureds with a case of sticker shock. But as the sustainable building material’s popularity grows, some insurers are leading the way with better guidelines and more tailored coverage.
For commercial and, increasingly, housing projects, Mercer Mass Timber supplies products that can help developers realize long-term operational savings.
Discover the future of construction with our comprehensive guide to mass timber. Learn about the benefits, design and engineering impacts, construction and manufacturing techniques, and sustainable attributes of mass timber.
Wood-Based Biophilic Design and Emerging Economic Opportunities In the Built Environment

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